Mlindi Sandile Mngadi

Candidate: 2022

Mlindi Mngadi is a candidate who enjoys coding and learning about business ethics. As a result, he flew from KZN to Cape Town and joined the younglings.  Within a few days, he coded an eCommerce website as part of guild wars and stunned everyone. As a result of his time at Younglings, he has acquired skills in Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and Databases. 

Lindile Yabo

Candidate: 2021

Lindile Yabo is a backend developer from the Eastern Cape. He enjoys solving and analysing problems and coming up with solutions with tech. A curious individual, he never lets challenges stand in the way of learning more about them. During his time at younglings, he has acquired the following skills: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Angular, Material UI, Typescript, and is currently working on React.JS

Tristan Vollenhoven

Candidate: 2022

Tristan Vollenhoven is an enthusiastic software developer from Grassy Park, who enjoys solving problems and having ideas come to life. After hearing about and seeing what information systems do, he became fascinated with coding and computer communication. His interest in IT led him to pursue a career in it. While at younglings, he has acquired skills such as Bootstrap, JavaScript React.js, Node.js, Firebase and Material UI. 

Neo Munhenga

Candidate: 2022

From a young age, he was always fascinated by computers and programming, whether it was fixing them or writing software. This interest allowed him to pursue a career in software engineering. As a youngling candidate, he has acquired various skills, including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Firebase, and React

“For me, learning never stops”

Caleb Oliver

Candidate: 2021

Caleb Oliver is a prospective Penetration tester from Cape Town. From a young age, he loved taking things apart and putting them together. He then took that love and used it on the internet, looking for website vulnerabilities and practicing social engineering on friends. This drove him into the field of cyber security.

Shane Adams

Candidate: 2021

Shane is a software developer who enjoys coding, chess, and rugby. He enjoys working with people and motivating them to be better than they were yesterday. The thing he appreciates most about Developing is knowing that within creating a project he could add some indivituality to them, which then becomes an extension of himself. 

Coding Skills – Java, Python, SQL, JSON, Kotlin, and MongoDB.