Who is younglings?

 Who are Younglings?

Written By- Talia Mzamane

Younglings Voluntary Association is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to nurture young people between 18 and 28 years old to become kickass software developers in order to sustain themselves in the tech industry. They are encouraged to think deeply about new Digital Products that will improve their world and are allowed to explore and create these products while they spend a year with the Younglings programme as Interns.

Younglings was founded to play a part in making a dent in the Western Cape’s youth unemployment numbers, Absa provided a remarkable opportunity for Younglings to be created from the Aliens initiative in 2016 and Younglings has grown from strength-to-strength since then. 

Younglings focuses on the needs of the individual young talented people who join us to understand their unique triple-A qualities – their Aptitude, Attitude, and Aspiration! We aim to let their personal flame of passion for tech burn high and encourage fun, hard work, and grit.

We have many programs that differentiate us by looking at the full spectrum of personal growth per individual, from high school to our alumni – Founders + Builders, #727Thursdays, The Finishing School, Shadowlings, and the Virtuous Cycle, and the other mechanisms.

Younglings are able to nurture young, kickass software developers by making sure that they can find a technology that inspires and excites them. We do this during an 18-month apprenticeship and the results are young developers who are ready for internships.

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