Build Your Own Future as a
Software Developer & Entrepreneur

18 months Apprenticeship to hone your skills and try your hand at making a digital product work

Who are Younglings

Younglings Voluntary Association is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to creating an environment for young people who aspire to become Software Developers and are passionate about the craft; in fact, they are obsessed with it! 

They are encouraged to think deeply about new Digital Products that will improve their world and are allowed to explore and create these products while they spend a year with the Younglings programs as Interns







Indulge in the different guilds we have


The guild that designs functional and dynamic interfaces to enhance the user’s experience.


Responsible for writing the web services and API used by both front-end and mobile developers.


The guild that designs, develops, and implements mobile platforms. Responsible for the development of software in line with mobile platforms.

Data Science

This guild draws upon mathematical and statistical knowledge to extract meaningful insights from data. 


Protection of systems, networks, programs, devices, and data from cyber attacks through technologies, processes, and controls.

Founder's Story

“Not everyone has an opportunity or the need to go to college and study computer science. But there are many people who have the potential to become software engineers with the right training, nurturing, and support. There are industry programs running like CapaCiti that take people straight from high school who are interested in software development. These young talents have the aptitude, attitude and the aspiration to become software engineers. I met a number of these amazing people and that’s when I thought about creating a program that facilitates a journey of learnership, internship, and apprenticeship, to nurture these young talents to reach their fullest potential and become aspiring software engineers.”

– Alwyn van Wyk, Founder of Younglings

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What we offer.

Written By- Talia Mzamane Younglings offers programs such as Web Development and Design, DevOps – Amazon Web Services(AWS), Backend Development and Cybersecurity.  Web Development and

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Who is younglings?

 Who are Younglings? Written By- Talia Mzamane Younglings Voluntary Association is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to nurture young people between 18 and 28 years old to

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