2022 Hackathon Winners

Internal Hackathon

1st Place

Lindile Yabo & Siyasanga Mketsu

"We were trying to solve a problem that was open for years based on the market. To facilitate the exchange of raw materials and livestock, we provided a section where both buyers and sellers could meet. To improve the buying and selling of livestock, we developed a web application that users can use to check what stock is available."

2nd Place

Analo Mgoqi, Amanda Nxazonke & Jabulani Maluleke

"It is common to hear about people having difficulty finding a doctor near them. That was when we decided to create a web application where a user could be able to request or book a doctor at any location they are based, be it at the office or the comfort of their home. "

3rd Place

Ayakha Mzimkulu & Duduzile January

"We decided to create an AI system which serves to help tech specialist plan, organize and use AI tech to make notable progress in their daily lives."

External Hackathon

1st Place

Arthur Butler & Zaakirah Abrams

"Our app, was a developer experience building social media type application. Developers can market their skills and team team up with other developers on projects they need help with to collectively build experience.
We used android studio java as the main language for the backend and firebase for the main database. "

2nd Place

Mogamat Naeem Carr

Job listing app with real-time job listings.
There was additional job listing function and a Google geolocation API display that showed users jobs within the area they are in.
ReactJS and JavaScript was used to develop the project.
Firebase for the real-time database.

3rd Place

Zaynab Hartley & Scott Dennis

Created a CV generator that helps unemployed people create a cv that looks and feels professional when submitting to a company or employer. They created the software because not a lot of people get taught how to create a proper cv when leaving high school. They created the software using React.js, Express, Bootstrap, and Firebase.

2021 Hackathon Winners

1st Place

Siyabonga Goqoza & Enrico Samuels

The project was a 2d role-playing game named After Lockdown. The theme of the game was surrounding a post-covid world, where the player has to survive from authorities attempting to make an arrest due to the character breaking the laws. The aim of the project was to be fun while also throwing in an awareness aspect to surviving in this new world the pandemic has brought on us.

2nd Place

Zaakirah Abrams, Rayaan Karlie & Zaynab Hartley

A travel-like website that allows people to explore the different types of activities in Cape Town. The project was based on life after lockdown so the team decided to implement an application section where people may apply to become tour guides to help the decrease in the employment rate that South Africa has taken because of the lock-down. The website also provided a section where users are able to purchase packages and also explore these activities.

3rd Place

Lwandile Ntshobane

A learning mobile app, which share user info, chat, post content for students, books, music, ai command to control the app, notes, videos

2020 Hackathon Winners

1st Place

StKlue De Bruin

2nd Place

Mahmood Crowe

A local uber app, but instead of cars it uses taxi's whereby you can prebook trips aswell as a chat section

Absa Hackathon

2018 Hackathon Winners

1st Place

Storm Kippie

Built a working web app within one week. Created an app that keeps track of content uploaded to his site by artists putting it on a blockchain.

2nd Place

Xola Sipey, Okuhle Salmani & Yamisa

Created a mobile app that could make a big difference in how everyone could access cool experiences at off-the beaten.

3rd Place

Reece Williams & Jo-Ann Jefthas

Developed an informative website for delivery drivers and companies that employ delivery drivers, informing them of their rights and responsibilities as a driver.